How we can convert Cell Id from hexadecimal to decimal?

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How we can convert Cell id from hexadecimal to decimal?


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It is too large to be cellid.

It is rather eCGI.

Which technology, which vendor?

What will be the effect if I set 3 apart from 03 in MNC?

4G, Nokia vendor.

No effect.

But as per 3GPP specs MNC should be of 2 digits.

Yes, but Nokia handle it.

I have Ericsson.

Oh, ok. Ericsson am not sure.

MCC is 3 digits, MNC is 2 digits in Ericsson.

What will happen if I set MNC only one digit?

It’s coded. Check if you change manually.

It’s regulation.

Looking at which Core node?

I think UE will not connect to network as 3GPP defined MNC should be only 2 or 3 digit.

Cell id= Mod (hexa,256)
Lnbts id= (Hexa-cell id)/256