How to test new tool Hunter CE?

How to test new tool Hunter CE?


We’re finishing the tests, so we can inform how to use too.

Meanwhile, you can continue using Boda Lite:

Ok, i’m using Boda, but i would like to try Hunter CE…Thanks…

Hello Emmanuel,
I can’t run the parameter and feature audit on Boda Lite. Can I get a detailed explanation, I don’t know if I am doing it wrong.


These modules are not available in Boda Lite. We intend to launch soon in Hunter CE - which will include Boda Lite, parsers, and much more (like these modules).

I recognize that we are “behind the times”, but remember that we are all “volunteers” here…and we have our jobs, etc. If all goes well, next week we will start rolling out the new tool.

We have several ideas and scripts ready, already working in the new version.

But we don’t want to run the risk of being hasty.

We want to do something consistent, and scalable. That everyone can follow (and use) in a simple and efficient way. I hope you understand.

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