How to know Event A2 threshold only using report configuration ID

Hi Experts,
I have drive test log file of Y operator, the drive test has no SRVCC, no inter-frequency handover,

I need to know what’s the A2 event being used by the Y operator for SRVCC handover? using Report Configuration id?

Is there any way? I can know Event A2 for SRVCC configured by the Y operator? using Report Configuration Id in RRC connection Reconfiguration, actually report configuration ID has multiple event A2 values e.g. for inter-frequency handover, blind handover, carrier aggregation.

Thank you.

Each type of handover has different value for an event.

@Hainm thanks for your response,

that is what my question is, how do you pick what is the value for any particular handover as I have written in my original post?

Anyone who may suggest the way forward?