How to identify PSCell Change in RRC Conn Reconfiguration message (Layer 3)?

In NSA System: How can I identify into RRC Conn Reconfiguration message (Layer 3) the PSCell Change?


You can check earfcn will change from source to target in rrc reconfiguration complete.

Why 2,3 step here in pscell change procedure?
Actually in NR ENDC ho from source to target pscell indicates pscell change.
Ideally sgnb addition request and acknowledge come earlier during SCG addition procedure.

in case 5G Intra-Frequency Inter EN-gNB :you can check PCI change from first gNB to second gNB in RRC connection reconfiguration

I have only one EARFCN. (6.6 KB)

Please check mobility control info having target cell info like pci, c-rnti, etc.