How to analyse genuine call blocks and blocked calls in TEMS Discovery

Hello Friends.

I am kindly requesting for help regarding a more simplified way of analyzing genuine call blocks and blocked calls in tems discovery. It seems i am using a complicated approach.

Additionally, how do I use the Messages view to identify the right failure cause that is either capacity, coverage or interference (inter or intra)?

Also for data KPIs, apart from DL and UL throughput, Latecy, and packetloss Is there any other KPI I can use to describe data services performance on my network?

Thank you. Any assistance offered will be highly appreciated.

Hi All.

How to get VoLTE KPI like call success, call block and call drop in TEMS Discovery?

I am getting all the calls as blocked but actually calls are ok in DT.

I am taking from TEMS collector events.

What version are you using?


Please check these messages into message window and check the reason of each Drop and Block.

I am also checking this on Discovery and got 15 block.

In my case I am getting all the calls as blocked.

Let me check in message view.

There is also 1 more option MTIS.

Check if you are getting failed.

Plot block calls and MTIS together and you will understand the reason.

Actually calls are ok in DT.

But in report showing as blocked.

Yes. If you have VIAVI you can cross check from VIAVI.