How TCP is actually utilized?

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I know that TCP Utilization formula is something like Used Power/Max Power (in terms of Huawei counters, it should be something like: VS.TCP.Mean/Max Tx Power * 100).

My question is, how the utilization is counted? For example, NodeB has 43dBm/30W power and each serving MS consumes about 1W, does this mean if we got 30 MS in one cell at the same, the cell will be congested?

The power is in DL is divided in to control channels and traffic channels, is MS I using 1 watt, again its power controlled so not always MS is using fix power, it’s based on traffic channels which are power controlled in R99 but in Hspda its non power controlled and shared in between all the users.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I think this explain it as well right?