How RRC Inactive to RRC idle transition happen in NR SA?

Yes, I got to know this from Huawei guys. I even don’t know timer name.

In many documents, inactive to idle transition is labeled as FFS (For further study).

:+1:t2: Other network guys, any idea what value Ericsson, Nokia & Samsung use?

In the latest release of 38.331, I don’t see any FFS, it says only way for UE to move from Inactive to Idle is after Resume Request or RRC Release.

Hello dears.
I’ve read all this conversation (>40 replies), and now i would like to ask exact steps the way UE goes to idle.

Is it like gNB will send direct rrc-release to UE (let’s say which is on inactive state) upon data inactivity around 1500s?
Or during inactivity UE sends RRC resume request & then gNB respond with RRC release or RRC reject?

So on RRC inactive state any of the 5 senario can happen looks like if S1 executes it will go to Connected if S4 executes it will be on inactive only.

If S3 triggered then only ue can go to idle , now seems like this scenario can happen only after 1500s (correct me if i wrong here.