How PUCCH allocation is done in 5G NR?

Hello 5G NR Experts.

How PUCCH allocation is done in 5G NR? Based on what?
How the pucch resource allocation determined in NR?

If anyone can explain how PUCCH allocation between gNB to UE done in 5G NR SA.

We have system defined parameter which is configured to UE like PUCCH short and long format.
Accordingly UE will use PUCCH resources.

Thanks @ankgitm!

Let’s assume PUCCH short format.
Now I have gNB and UE. How gNB allocation PUCCH resources for that UE?
What is the major parameters PUCCH allocation take into account?
Based on which parameters the allocation done?
How UE determine uci payload?

Explaining in high level meanings is good, no need to go in detail. :slight_smile: