How many users can be scheduled per slot in live 5G network?

5G NR query:
As of now, how many users can be scheduled per slot in live network?

Huawei can schedule 4 PDCCH beams so huge capacity available if users properly located.

Samsung has 3 I believe.

Is it with SU MIMO 4 PDCCH beam?

Nope, it is for MU-MIMO.

Ok, please tell for SU MIMO let’s it be Huawei system.

Is it SU MIMO?

Why do you think it would be different than in 4G?

Yes it is different as of now.
What I know 1 user per slot instead of 20 users per TTI in LTE.
1 user is for early 2020 update latest.
I’m not sure - that’s why checking for live network.

You mean no more than 1 user per TTI?
TTI = slot in 5G.

I’m checking it’s 1 or now increase for 5G.
Yes, per slot in 5G.

It is impossible to be only 1 user per TTI.
No vendor has this limitation.

As 5G get mature, number will increase, like 4G and throughput further degrade.

I don’t believe there’s any vendor having this limitation.
This why we have BWPs and CORESETs to be able to schedule more users per TTI.

Nokia used to have until 5G19B. :grin:
Just for the record, it does schedule more than one in the newer releases.

How do we define TTI for minislots?
Is it if 1 minislot scheduled for one device means it is 1 TTI?

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This is really a big question. I think the answer is how many users the PDCCH can schedule in one slot. All limitations is here derived from the 5G NR standard. Different release has different maximum limitations. NR rel-16 shall support several times of NR rel15 since it supports separate PDCCH transmission per macro subspace beam. NR can support several times of user number since it supports multiple BWP, each has its own PDCCH transmission. For each PDCCH, the user number depends on how many user can the common coresets (CSS) can support and how many Dedicated coreset it support. For multiple user transmission mode, there are OFDMA multiple user and MU-Mimo multiple user per BWP per subspace beam. According to my understanding of Rel 15, each PDCCH some field supports at most 8 users, some support at most 16 users. One more limiting factor is DM-RS signal in PDSCH can support at most 12 users at most for mu-mimo mode.

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