How do I create a crontab for ERICSSON 4G cell trace

How do I create a crontab for ERICSSON 4G and 5G cell trace from ENM?

Do you need to activate the pmTaDistr/pmTimingAdvance counter?

If this is what you need, you must create a Cell Trace/EBS-L type subscription in the PMIC tool, and add the indicated counters. After a while, you will be able to consult it from the ENIQ

Thanks very much for your response, I know this but I need to do it automatically by schedule time and do it everyday. So I need to know how to create a crontab -e and create a script to handle that tasks itself.

Let me see if I understand: What you need to do is a scheduled task to export the counters to another place?

If this is affirmative, what you need to configure is an ETL. For this you have 2 options:

Option 1: You configure a report on the ENIQ BI Server and program it to be sent via FTP (in CSV format) to any server. I must tell you that this option has the following limitations: you can only export a file with a maximum size of 15Mb (by default, but it is possible to increase it) and a maximum of 250K rows of results (the latter cannot be changed easily nor is it recommended to change it). But depending on what you need, you could create the report without including the hours and you could only include: date, vector id, eutrancell and thus decrease the size, you could also partition the result.

Option 2: Create an ETL via BASH on a separate server using the SyBASE ODBC Client DLLs, and execute it as if it were an SQL query.