How can we improve interfrequency HO?

Hello Experts,
In Huawei system, how can we improve interfrequency HO?
We have 1 U21 and 1 U9 carrier.

What exact issue you are facing?

Failures due in valid config for which we restric users and secondly facing failure between collocated cells.
We want improvements in HO.

Active interfreq handover based on RsRp and RsRq.
From 1800 to 2600 -18 rsrq.
From 2600 to 1800 -12 rsrq.
But it is for LTE.

What do you want?
Maybe U21 is congested. Do you want trafic shifted to U9?
Or did you observe that U21 is absorbing too little traffic versus U9?

  1. Check the coverage (Propagation Delay) for to cells,
  2. Check the capacity who is loaded,
  3. To improve you need to move traffic for where (U2100 to U900 or U900 to U2100),
  4. You can send traffic near to the site to U2100 and far to U900.