How can we improve CSSR KPI in CS Core?

Dear Experts,

How can we improve CSSR KPI in CS Core (MSS Level in Huawei).

We use this formula to calculate it:

CSSR = ( MO Assignment Success Times (times) + MT Assignment Success Times (times) ) / (MT Paging Response Times (times) + MO CM Service Request Times (times) ) * 100

Try check first your paging strategy.

You might not giving enough time to paging to be answered, then check if u have any 2nd RAB assignment due to some codec limitation in any Core links.

Can you please give more clarification?

How I can check paging strategy?

We use Huawei system (U2020) will check from counters or using MML commands.

You need to check with Core team.

Paging strategy is responsibility of Core team, MSS team.