How 5G works with Metaverse? Check out Q&A Hot Debate!

2023trends April great line speakers at today’s Conference.

XCHANGING IDEAS 36 Global 5G Evolution (Follow Our Page) - 5g Key Highlights!

Kaneshwaran Govindasamy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 5G: 2023 Market Drivers, Insights, and Considerations
Hazem Tarek Mahmoud Cairo, Egypt - Potential challenges and enterprise benefits would be great
Ramy AlDamatiRamy, London, Dubai, UAE - How 5G will impact Blockchain, Crypto & Metaverse industries
Ken Zhang Saratoga, California, USA - Private 5G
Masarra Mohamed, London, UK - Hype or Virtual Reality? Mapping Telco Metaverse Strategies
Abbas KARAKI, Paris, France, Integrated Access & Backhaul
Raphaël Sanchez , Paris, France, 5G Non Terrestrial Network
Scott Bailey, London, UK, 8K 360deg Camera setup in an Ice Hockey arena in Finland PoC
Juha Holkkola - 5G Innovations in Finland.

Big Thanks to the Brilliant Speakers!



The IDC report on Metaverse is worth it. Please check in the video Global 5G Evolution - YouTube


Nokia Indoor Ice Hockey - Use Case available here.

IDC report impressive. Check out.