High S1 HO Attempts

In our Huawei network, some sites are facing high number of S1 HO attempts >70% and X2 attempts are low, can any body support to rectify the issue?

1st, You can make X2 audit, may some target eNodeBs are not configure X2 with them.

Can u pls tell me how to configure X2 interface, because its SON feature, i tried to configure some missing enodeB but unable to configured it.

Please check X2 interface availability ratio. enodeB always prefer HO preparation over X2 if possible first.
If X2 interface fault due to such as transmission link failed or IP link inaccessible, enodeB will try HO via S1 interface.
There are counters indicating X2 interface unavailable time or by viewing alarms, MML commands to check X2 state.
Normally, X2 interface are self-setup, but we can also normally configure.

Please also check the UMPT( baseband) processing board for X2 interface capacity. The limit is 256 interfaces per eNodeB. If the limit is reached, no new x2 can be added. It might’ve happen that ANR adds a neighbor in the NCL/NRT, but can’t create the X2. In this case the handover is started, canceled and executed on S1. Consider activating the X2 SON auto delete based on usage or fault for automatic task.

There are no such alarm on eNodeB, also observed S1 Attempts when X2 interface unavailable time is zero.

ANR is not implemented, only 26 X2 interfaces are showing on eNodeB

Can you try to ping from source enb to target enb by x2 in-address?

Can you pls guide me which command will use to ping from source eNB to target eNB by X2 address?

Issue resolved after put on MFBIAlgoSwitch.