HHO Intra eNodeB Inter Freq failures increased

Hello Experts,
I have query regarding HHO.intraenb.interfreq failures.
It has increased (failures).
Neighbors exist already, no alarm, no activity performed, no discrepancy found during parameter audit.
From trace “critically reject” msg found.
All are execution failures on same eNodeB on another frequency neighbor.
Any suggestion to resolve the issue?
Hawei system.

The critical rejection is for all neighbors?
Do you have ANR?
Check if is black list on ANR.

Yes ANR is on.
All para have been checked already.
But still falures are increasing.

Check if there is external interference in F2.

Slight increase in UL interference, but actual cause is not interference.

Can you share charts and ANR parameters?

Target cell was sleeping cell, issue resolved. Thanks!

Actually this should be the very first thing we should do: restart cell or restart entire eNodeB. :wink:

Yes, but in this case we checked other para cause late response. But reason found after drilling down.

If targer cell is sleep rrc attempts will become zero i think in that case.

Yup right.

In ZTE how can you check if cell is asleep?

@Namoonga_Shikapande, sleeping cells are those cells which transmit broadcast channel but unable to setup traffic for both CS and PS.
“Basic idea”.

There is feature in ZTE ANR.
Cell healing, can detect sleeping cell issue and outages.

No RACH basically.

In any Technology: Check for cells with no Availability problems and Zero Traffic.