Help & Support Center

telecomHall and Boda are both Open Source Projects. It means the projects are leaded by contributors, people that devote some free time to work on it.

And we talk about support, it becomes even more complicated: it’s not so easy to have everyone available.

Anyway, we try to give you support whenever we can. So, if you have some issue with Boda, please use some of the following channels.

WhatsApp / Telegram

The best and quick way to get support (to start using Boda, or report any issue).

Do you have a WhatsApp account? Join this group:

Using Telegram instead? Join this group:

Simply post your questions, and get experts support immediately.


Of course: another preferred support method is using this Forum here. Simply post a new topic with your issue, and one of Community Experts will answer as soon as possible.

Have a question? Post it here: New Topic (Support)


If you prefer, you can send an e-mail to

Live Meetings

Another support option are the live meetings.
For this approach we are using Youtube (for Screen Sharing) and Discord (for Voice/Text channels).
We present it via Youtube, and users can ask their questions.

Note: Schedule of meetings will be shared to all members here.

Next meeting: to be scheduled.


Youtube Channel:


Server: Discord (telecomhall community on Discord)

Social Networks

If you’re a big fan of social networks, you can join us too at: