HCNA and CDA recognition in the market and cost

Are HCNA and CDA certifications recognized and accepted in the market? Does anyone know where I can find training or material to study?

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HCNA is Huawei Certification.

The training can be done in different channels around the world or at Huawei.

The exam can be done at Prometric

Have different levels and in different technologies, such as LTE, Cloud, Routers and so on.

Here you can find some of the channels or can contact Huawei directly




It’s related to networking/data comm.

Is there any such certification for LTE RF Planning and Optimization offered by Huawei for those who are not working in Huawei?

Yes! They have different technologies… including LTE , RF and so on. See link below


Can you provide some information on the training process? How is the training conducted? Do they give distance learning video training? Or just printed stuff? And how is the testing conducted?

Check the information at the link provided.

Note that training on Huawei equipment & entering on Huawei world it’s equivalent is not trivia.

However, those who do not have Huawei experience, will find it extremely difficult to survive in the telecom sector in days to come.
Huawei is the future.

As a side note:
No other vendor gives training to people outside their company. I know Ericsson and Nokia can’t survive the tsunami of Huawei. It’s just a matter of time before Huawei beats Ericsson.

To run a company, you need money. EU is out of cash. There is not a single telecom equipment vendor from USA & Canada. EU will follow the suite.

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