Handover between different 5G NSA Band during Active Data + VoLTE Call


I am performing a handover test scenario between different 5G NSA Band (eg. N71 to N41) during an active data + volte call.

While performing this test i am observing that once volte call is initiated in B2_n71, after moving to cell with B2_n41 UE is not able to configure B2_n41 until active call is disconnected.

Can anyone suggest or update on this process/requirement for 5G NSA?

Is the above behavior due to removal and addition of SCG?


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Vendor Nokia


Did you enable the feature (5GC002199 Inter-Frequency mobility (NSA option 3x) with MeNB coordination)?

This feature should be enabled first before doing inter-frequency handover.

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Hi @Ibrahim_Sayed, @O.B,

Thank you for your inputs…!!
The above test is performed without any support from vendor or operator in live network environment.
So i am not sure if Inter-Frequency mobility is enabled at MeNB side, but sure i will check related support IE from UE logs available.