Good feature in LTE for Interference Mitigation in DL?

Hi Experts,
Do we have any good feature in LTE for interference mitigation in DL?
Apart from DL interference shaping, which I tried already but no gain seen.
A feature with no scope for tilt, power change.

Have you tried ICIC feature?

It’s for macro-small cell.
I am having macro source and target site macro only.

ICIC can be used for macro.

And CoMP is another feature you can try.

But it is for UL interference mitigation… :frowning:

eICIC and FeICIC also there which will take care of DL interference as well.

Yes eICIC good but for macro source and small cell as target.
Very complicated feature to implement.

DL FSS may help you.

If load is high on both cells, no feature in this world will help.

Have you Activate IRC MRC?
Issue on which band L1800 or L800?

Yes that’s true. :slight_smile:

It’s required for DL interference mitigation.
Source cell TDD macro and target cell TDD macro.
IRC used in Uplink.

What is this feature?

Frequency selective scheduling.
It will give good gain when source/nbr cells have less PRB utilization.
You need sub band CQI enable for this feature to work.

Ok, thanks.
I checked: not able to find this feature may be vendor specific as of now wideband CQI used. :frowning:

eICIC is the best feature.

Any other suggestions?

TTI Bundling can increase Throughtpu performance in situations with DL interference.
It is not for decreasing DL interference but to improve performance on cell borders users which is an interfered condition.

Ok as you told TDD system, what is your Special Subframe Ratio?
Is it same or different?

Same SSF 7, config 2.