Gains expected when upgrading network from NSA to SA

Hi Experts.
What gains should be expected when upgrading the network from NSA to SA while keeping all other variables constant?
Please provide references or formulas if possible.

Rel16 features like URLLC, mmTC etc can be explored.

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How about throughput enhancements?
Also, did you come across benchmarking reports that show the practical enhancements?

Why do you expect throughput increase?
The way PDSCH works, its utilization is same.

NSA already enables eMBB Pilar of 5G. SA enables urllc and mmtc.

If NR is in mid/fr2 band, there will be degradation in Throughput with SA compared to NSA.
This is because NSA provides better Uplink by means of LTE UL.
It improves better feedback for NR PDSCH and improved NR throughput compared to SA.

From a throughput perspective, NSA is better because devices use dual connectivity and may use LTE and NR CA’s simultaneously to send data, inclusive in Uplink case (if UE does not support UL CA for instance).

Commercial UE now support max 2Tx antenna.
Compared with NSA: 1Tx for 4G + 1Tx for 5G, in SA UE can transmit with 2Tx for 5G.
So, SA 5G coverage is better, this lead to DL/UL throughput is also increased.

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Hi Experts.

Which factors to consider when jumping from NSA to SA?

See this simple diagram showing the progression along with impacts on speed, latency, openness and flexibility.

With SA deployment there will be high degree of openness and flexibility with increase in speed and decrease in overall latency.

Source: Nokia