Forget 5G, development of 6G is really starting to heat up

6G networks set to arrive by 2030 but plenty of technical challenges remain.

Odd numbers failed in tech: 1G, 3G now is it 5G.
Analogy seems OK.
Even number 2G, 4G now it’s 6G turn.

Still, I think 3G has served for almost 10 years.
Though it is not relevant today.

3G most complex technology, vanish soon, now shutdown completely.
Having 4 cell states and many algorithm can survive for more years, but not.

Yes, 3G was indeed complicated.

Agree. This is among what I coined as the superstitious beliefs in mobile communications industry :joy:

40% of the world population is still offline.
LTE will be there for a long time before being replaced.

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That’s a niche existing operators cannot target.
Probably we need a complete change of telecom business model to afford Telco services to those 40%.
Give Telco services for free.
Monetize their data.

For those 40% only satellite coverage like Elon Musk business is feasible.
MNOs cannot deploy a base station for every 2-3 houses spread out widely.

But I still think MNOs charging for telco services is not a sustainable business.
Data is most precious.

In my country (Romania) I have unlimited, voice data and sms for 2 euro/month.
Plus 1000 minutes international calls every month.
Cannot go cheaper than this.
MNOs still have to make a living.

There are 4 MNOs chasing each other with prices.
Every month they go lower and lower…
There is a survival limit for them.
Is high scored.
MNOs make money from companies, not from average Joe like me and you.

European countries have highest data penetration.
Most Asian and African countries are lagging.


Idea is that nobody is selling QoS. there is not a single operator to sell “minimum 20Mbpsec DL and 5 Mbpsec UL” guaranteed anytime anywhere. people would really pay high for this like 50 euro/month or even more.
But this offer simply does not exist with MNOs.
Meaning they still have capaccity issue. But you cannot solve it without investment which needs money. So it is a chicken and egg situation.
One cannot be fixed without another.

North American 6G initiative publishes roadmap for technical leadership