For private network, how operator get money from enterprise?

Dear all.

Do you know for private network, how operator get money from enterprise?

Well, it doesn’t…

I don’t think they will ever disappear, but their piece of the cake may get smaller as the cake grows.

There are some model of private network.

f private network isolated from public network, separate RAN, Core, Public network don’t earn anything, may just lease spectrum fee.

But in case private & public network shared, Operator should earn from private enterprise.

Spectrum leasing could be a way to make some cash, but as far as I know, CSPs are a bit conservative with the spectrum they acquired.

It’s a business choice in the end.

I think by license they are not allowed to resell, just to use, they have coverage KPIs and many other restrictions.

This sound snice in theory, in practice you will not see so many options.

Just CBRS in US is an exception.

It depends on the rules of the country.

In India Jio acquired 4G spectrum license from IBSL.

This site almost statistic for US.

And Europe.

Private nw most popular should be in China.

Indeed many models depending on spectrum availability for enterprise in that country.
Operating models , ownerships and charging models vary .
Regarding private nw with spectrum owned by MNO ( either hybrid , or isolated , or a slice)
I’ve seen different attempts at charging , based on area , based on # of connections , based on aggregated BW at the UPF , based on a whole solution …