Fine tune UL RLC AM parameters

Hi Experts,
Anyone tried to fine tune UL RLC AM parameter?
I.e. poll pdu, poll byte, tpollretranmit…
Any positive outcome for throughput, DCR?

If you have adaptive RLC polling feature then please implement that.
It will take care of retainability and also won’t impact user throughput.

Thanks @Vishal_Thakkar.
Please suggest what value we can set?

You just need to activate it, the feature.
It will automatically tune the dlmaxretxtdhreshold and ulmaxretxthresold.
No need to manually tune their values.
You can keep them default 8.
I am suggesting it considering you have Ericsson RAN.

You can go with dlmaxretxthreshold to values like 16.
In 5G it is 32.

Yes very good point. Even in LTE we increased it to 32.
Given improvement in VoLTE DCR.

What about poll byte, pdu…
Any content in simply explanation so can understand easily?

RLC AM is normally not used in VoLTE drops.
It mostly RLC UM.
As VoIP is real time so normally it set as RLC UM.
Because your delay will be there as it is real time.

Yes RLC UM used for QCI1.
But maxretx parameter given benefit if we increase to t32.

max retx doesn’t work in UM.
It’s only for AM.
There are other retransmission methods in VoIP.
If it’s UM.

Yes, agree it will not work for UM.

Need to adopt other methods for drop improvement.

But let me share finding with maxretx leading to improvement.

Check voice quality KPI.
I got it improved.
And your VoIP throughput KPI.
Delay will increase.
KPI point good user perspective will degrade, mainly voice quality.

Keep different for signalling and data radio bearer for max retx.