Extended CP in LTE for TDD sites

Hi Experts.

Anyone tried Extended CP in LTE for TDD sites?

Any gain seen?

Not tried.

Which KPI is expected to be improved by this?
It will degrade user throughput though.

Never tried, but discussed with Ericsson long time ago.

My understanding is that extended CP is required for specific scenarios, like sites facing open sea and provide signals to boats as far as 80 km.

Yes to increase CP for PRACH.
We changed PRACH config index to 35 on 3 sites to increase cell radius to serve 1 refinery plant in gulf of Kutch.

Cell radius controlled by zero correlation parameter there are tables defined in 3gpp for same … parameter name PRACHs.
PRACH config index linked with preamble format table defined subframe number where PRACH is transmitted.

But preamble format 0 to 2 can increase cell radius up to 28 km.

Yes it’s also increase :+1:
It’s overall used in planning tool for dimensioning.
Even preamble format 4 there as well for TDD only which never tried.

Boomer cells :smiley: