Ericsson Feature "256-QAM Downlink"

Hello dears,

I received an Ericsson Feature Report, that included the Feature “256-QAM Downlink”.

In that report, i can see 2 fields (parameters):

Using my data, in the MO “EUtranCellFDD” i can find the parameter "dl256qamenabled"
BUT: i can’t find the parameter “dl256qamstatus”

So: does anyone knows where this parameter come from? (I can’t find parameter “dl256qamstatus” in the OSS XML dump)

Note: i am using Boda parser to process the dump from OSS.

Try to search in BSS dumps

The options are:
1 (TRUE)


Look on eNodeB_optionalfeaturelicense, featurestate


I download information from “CORE” side, because i extract (download) it using Ericsson Common Explorer: I right click, and “Export” my entire Network. A “big” XML file.

I have the option to choose only RAN, Transport or Both. I select both.

But i can’t find this parameter - i have opened the XML in editor, and the parameter is not there.

I’ve heard that, to find this parameter, i have to write a script, and loop through ALL eNodeBs, and get information from each eNodeB.

I would like to know if is there some way to find ALL eNodeBs files. Maybe they are stored in a folder, daily…

Any help will be appreciatted.

All eNobeB export dumps all configurations to a specific folder on OSS.There is a individual file for specific eNodeB

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Hello @b50ft,

Can you please tell us where is the location of this folder? (We believe this “missing” information can be found in those NodeB/eNodeB files)

The big XML is exported to /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/export/

The problem is that, the big XML do not contain ALL fields.


dl256qamstatus is read only show you the current status of 256 qam if its suppoted or not depending on feature availability and power headroom, so it will not appear in any dump file.

Has anyone tried the feature in ZTE ?