Is EPDCCH supported by default all rel-11 and later devices? Do operators deploy it?

One of the major enhancements in 3GPP Release 11 is the introduction of a new downlink control channel, the Enhanced Physical Downlink Control Channel (EPDCCH ). The standardization of the E-PDCCH was necessary to support new features like CoMP, downlink MIMO and the considered introduction of a new carrier type with 3GPP Release 12 all with the intention to support the following goals:

  • Support of increased control channel capacity.
  • Support of frequency-domain ICIC.
  • Achieve improved spatial reuse of control channel resources.
  • Support beamforming and/or diversity.
  • Operate on a new carrier type and in MBSFN subframes.
  • Coexist on the same carrier as legacy Rel-8 and Rel-10 devices.

Based on the requirements the E-PDCCH uses a similar design to the one of the Physical Data Shared Channel (PDSCH). Instead of using first symbols of a subframe, where the Downlink Control Information (DCI) is spread over the entire bandwidth, the E-PDCCH uses the same resources as the PDSCH.


*Reference: https://cdn.rohde-schwarz.com/pws/dl_downloads/dl_application/application_notes/1ma232/1MA232_1e_LTE_Rel11_technology.pdf

Thanks for your response.

Can I then conclude that if a UE supports downlink MIMO it necessarily supports also EDPCCH?

ePDCCH: New enhanced PDCCH introduced in 3GPP release 11 to increase control channel capacity .
Yes Operator deploy it for PDCCH capacity improvement.

the eNodeB configures EPDCCH resources for newly accessed UEs when the PDCCH resources are insufficient and RB resources are not used up.