ENDC NR accessibility degraded from 8 AM to 10 PM

Hi Experts,

There are several number of sites in cluster degraded in ENDC NR accessibility from 8 AM to 10 PM then recovered back to normal.
No event or traffic related issue, rssi, alarm history etc. Nothing.

I am suspecting transmission issue in cluster of sites altogether.

Please any one knows Ericsson NR transmission level counters to check for the root cause?

Vendor is Ericsson.

Thanks in advance.


What is the failure cause from KPIs?

Root cause not identified yet, trying to find possible root cause for that period of time.
Checked radio part and looks fine.
Possibility it might impacted number of sites due to transmission altogether in cluster.

What do you have in alarm logs?

Ttry this counter: sctpAssocOutDiscardedDataChunks

If i still remember, this counter exist in a separated universe in BO than ERBS.
Something related to TX.

Nothing for particular date on which KPI impacted.
I want to check raw counters of transmission side for pegging during Degradation period in endc ACC.
If any knows or have faced such situation in cluster level, please share.

Do you have similar degradation for the same 4G sites in the same cluster?

Nope. LTE accessibility is fine.
Only ENDC Accessibility in NR leg and LTE leg.

If LTE sites are not affected, so it is difficult to assume that the failures are due to transmission as both 4G and 5G are usually sharing the same transmission links, hubs, backbone, etc.

If 4G and 5G sites are not sharing the same transmission, please advice.

Yes, both are sharing same Transmission but issue is with ENDC 5G sites only.
Agree with your valid point but unable to get actual issue as rest of things looks fine.

Actually, it is difficult to do optimization using this method as now you are trying to guess where is the problem and this guess maybe right or wrong, which is completely taking longer time to reach the correct cause, unless you are very lucky :blush:

So, my advice is to try to find any counters in the accessibility phase that are affected as well and can help you understand where the problem happened, at which phase, which node is responsible for the failures, etc.

I have checked main Access.
Counters and along with RadiorandomAccess counters but couldn’t find any fluctuations.

Can anyone suggest NR accessibility cause counters to check?

Thanks, checked in seperate universe in BO for transport but didn’t find this counter.
If you remember that particular universe, I am still checking for cause. Thanks.