Early and Late HO RLF

Hi Experts.
Does RFL Early HO means failing towards target cell and RFL Late HO failing towards source cell?
What’s RLF before triggering HO and RLF after triggering HO?
As after reconfig fail RLF happens either from UE to eNodeB or S1 end.

Too early means RLF on target cell.
Too late means RLF on source cell.

Those are used for MRO modules of SON.

RLF before trigger HO or RLF after trigger HO?
So if RLF early HO happening we need to identify target cell for that.
Because if lot of RLF happening too early can we suggest MRO modules as you suggest to reduce ping pong.
MRO feature.

Yes, but it will not help.
It will degrade quality.
Better adjust tilt instead of CIO.
MRO will play with CIO and will improve HO success rate but will degrade quality.

Real solution is to fix by tilt!

But RLF too will result in CCE utilization.
That’s true quality will be degraded as t310 is for PDCCH part.
If CCE utilization is less no issues but if more then yes tilt willl sure improve everything.
As TA pattern will be improved.
Overshooters, undershooters and so on.