Does two search space with same coreset and time domain resources impact anything from UE point of view?

Yes PDCCH power booster is there or we need to tune pcifh power to overcome apart from rs power booster or physical opti?
High pcfich power reduces pdcch power hence agg can be bad?

I think you are discussing for interleaved or non interleaved case in NR.

Actually about high agg in LTE.
So this can be the solution in LTE. :wink:

Yes, I remember it’s issue with counter pegging.
Issue we done high level study but at last end in software of eNodeB.

Yes, I’m trying to undesratnd coreset in nr…it’s tricky.

As I discussed with other members of team…
It’s is not useful to any side neither network neither UE.
So they will remove this is next build.
So it’s not useful.

Thanks! Makes sense👍🏻

Higher is the AGL higher is the reliability for PDCCH decoding.
In NR AGL1 is not used because of high code rate.
For e.g., DCI 1_1 has a size of 103 bits including CRC.
In NR, CCE= 72 REs, out of which 18 REs are occupied by DMRS.
So available PDCCH RE= 72-18= 54 RE= 108 bits.
So, Code Rate = 103/108 = 0.95, which is very high and hence not reliable.
So AGL1 is not used in NR.

Thanks @Manoj_deka , I got the concept! :slight_smile:
LTE too never seen 1 cce in KPI.
I dont remember seeing agg1.

You will see AGL1 in LTE. Max code rate for AGL1 is 0.925 in LTE.

Yes but rarely I seen in KPI, very less.

This is CCE1 in NR for DCI 1-1


Huawei never use AGL1.
Don’t know about the others.

AGL1 is not used for CSS, it is used for USS only based on UE coverage.

In 5G, Huawei don’t use AGL1 for USS. For CSS, offcourse AGL1 is not used in both LTE and 5G.

We have coreset per slot.
So in 30 kHz do we have coreset in both slot0 and slot1 as it becomes 1ms or only slot0?

The occurrence of CORESET is given by the Search Space configuration.
The parameter is monitoringslotperiodicityandoffset.

You may be in very good RF… :slight_smile:

Lte tm7, beamforming: