Does multipath phenomena helps EVM detection to be more accurate?

Hi All 5G experts.

Does multipath phonomena helps EVM detection to be more accurate and not high deviation on the evm samples?

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Multipath will give gain to MIMO solutions.

EVM is more related to high order modulation, like 256QAM.

But I’m not sure if multipath will help on EVM.

Multipath helps on rank4 reporting from UE.

EVM is more related to reach higher modulation like 256qam.

High SINR will help on low EVM.

Good article on EVM. Focused on Wi-Fi, but also apply to EVM in 4G and 5G:

EVM (Error Vector Magnitude): Why it Matters and How it’s Measured

EVM (Error Vector Magnitude) is the key metric used to evaluate RF transmitter performance, because it provides a consistent “yardstick” to characterize the transmitter regardless of the receiver implementation and it encapsulates a wide range of possible impairments on the transmitter chain into a single measurement.

New Wi-Fi generations have increased the modulation constellation size with 1024-QAM and 4096-QAM, placing an even higher requirement into transmitter accuracy. In this blog, we will look at what EVM measures in Wi-Fi and how it is measured.