Does high GTP loss impacts X2 HO performance?

Dear Experts,
Does high GTP loss impacts X2 HO performance?
I have seen sites with High GTP loss having 0 X2 HO while there is no issue with S1 HO.

Normally your prep attempts increase suddenly with less prep success if target neighbor is having gtp losses.

Ok, but no impact on S1.

Maybe that target nbr is with X2 link in same MME and not going in S1 phase.

I mean to say S1 HO with same NBR is working fine but no X2 HO due to GTP loss.

And previously was it happening?
Normally this is abnormal behaviour.
May be X2 link faulty or disable can create this.

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Before GTP loss X2 ho with same nbr was working but due to Gtp loss X2 ho is not working while S1 HO is working fine.
Yes I wil check X2 link status.

Better to forbid if only one NBR is creating this and then monitor drops, HO success rate, traffic and throughput.
If some issue with HO success rate.

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It can happen when gtp loss occurs at x2 interface, rest backhaul is clean with no losses so s1 ho works fine.

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