Does an interruption of the traffic to do the user plane switch in 5G have impact in throughput?

Hello Experts.

Imagine you are connected to 5G NSA Option3X, and you have configured SN Terminated Bearer.

The network send the traffic through S1-gNB-PDCP 5G-RLC 5G.

But if you have RLF on 5G (SCG) detected by UE (SCG Failure - RLC max trans), do you know if the network has to switch the user plane to send the traffic through S1->gNb-> PDCP 4G to UE?

And if there is an interruption of the traffic to do the user plane switch, does it impact in throughput?

I think it depends on config as well eNB capacity.

So In lab while we’re testing keeping secondary path & b100, we used to see a sudden change in throuput after scg failure happens.

For real network not sure how implementation done now.

Does throughput goes to 0?

No, it goes by eNB X2u path.

As in 3x , we used to configure b100.

But do you know if there is some ms interruption when the switching is happening?

Or is the switch done instantly?

Not so sure about that part if interruption coming in ms, need to check once.

Ok, thanks.

But why the throughput degradation happens?

Is it because of the packets retransmision?