Different SCS and TBS relationship

Hello experts,

Assume we have 20 MHz BWP. For the 15 kHz SCS we may have 100 RBs and for the 30 KHz SCS we may have 50 RBs.

Can we say I can transmit a larger TB with 15 kHz than the case with 30 kHz? In other words TBS of 15 kHz > TBS of 30 kHz?

If the answer is yes, it’s a bit puzzling since the total bandwidth is same 20 MHz between the two cases why am I able to transmit more Data with 15khz?

Thank you.

For 15 kHz the slot is 1ms while for 30 kHz the slot is 0.5 ms

Hi @O.B O.B thank you. Do you mean that OB rates are same?