CSI-RS_SINR value in 5G Logs

Dear Experts ,
I am using NEMO tool to process the 5G logs, but i have challenge to see CSI-SINR value.
I can only see the value of SSb-SINR…like mentioned below.
Can anyone help from which tool I can see the CSI-RS_SINR value?

Are you able to see DMRS SINR?
Which device and which band?

I haven’t see DMRS SINR from NR Scanner.
I think we just got the value of SSB-SINR in Drive Test report and I am more curious to know the SINR value CSI.
In case anyone have check CSI SINR value of 5G Drive logs, please help to know which tool we can see the performance.

Is it scanner? Then you might not get CSI-values from scanner.
I think it require dedicated RRC connection like in UE which scanner won’t give.
You can try XCAP, I have seen in UE logs.

XCAP can process the nemo drive logs?
And is it licensed?

Yes licensed version. And it process XCAL-M or XCAL-MO drive logs.
Not sure if NEMO drive logs can be processed…
But I can say, I also have done scanner testing in US, there also we don’t get CSI values.
Only SSB measuremts are possible.

Yes, that’s true. Checked in detail - can not check from Scanner side.

NEMO logs can be processed in TEMS discovery tool.

You can also check in Actix Analyser.

Now the challenge is how can we get the value of CSI-SINR.

While doing drive DT need to select the CSI-SINR in the logs.
Else we cannot extract from logs.

Which KPIs @Sourav_Chandra?
Can you highlight?
I think we dont have CSI-SINR KPI in Actix…

Yes correct @Vicky.
ps_sinr, ss_ sinr & ur sinr only showing…

If you are using scanner you definitely cannot see CSI- parameters.


We have used Pctel and R& S scanners as shown above.
Which scaner are yu using?

Hi @eta004, I see, no CSI SINR field available on it… :frowning:

Using PCtel.

Why do you need CSI SNR not SS?

Yes Scanner purpose is coverage measurement, so SSB -parameters are good enough.

Also, CSI-SINR is not supported in X-50 Qualcomm chipset also according to my knowledge.
So You can’t expect it to show up in a passive scanner.

We would like to study b/w SSB_SINR and CSI_SINR difference in the network.
Also later need to Benchmarking.
Detailed study on SSB and CSI parameter.

Then please use UE for Drive Test.
If you use Qualcomm UE, here is the tree for CSI-RSRP:
Qualcomm 5G-NR MAC LL1 CSF RSRP Report PCell CSI-RS Beam CSI-RSRP 1

I believe this depend on UE chipset.
I’m using Qualcom and its not available as well.
I saw CSI SINR & RSRP in Huawei router device.
I heard also it will be available in exynos devices. Cmiiw