Creating X2 definition between eNB and gNB

Hi Experts,

Question when creating the X2 definition between eNB and gNB - but creating the LNADJGNB.
Is there a way that LTEENB will be created automatically created on the relevant NRBTS – or we always need to create it?

If we need to create NRBTS\LTEENB – what are the mandatory properties? Based on Nokia’s documentation – most of the parameters are read-only ones so it is not clear what key fields should be used.
Based on Nokia document (not checked all) – only x2LinkStatus is a read-only parameter), is it so?

I think we need to create it manually.
Parameter like eNodeB id, MCC, MNC to be defined.

It is created automatically.
Once LNADJGNB defined, and 5G cells are unlocked, LTEENB in 5G will populate automatically!

Ya, automatically, sorry. :frowning:
I mixed it with NRADJCELL.

Post LNADJGNB definition It is created automatically

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