CPE that supports 8x8 DL MIMO FWA in LTE

Hi All,
Has anyone worked with Huawei CPE that supports 8x8 DL MIMO FWA in LTE?

In my opinion it is impossible to find a location where 8x8 DL MIMO works for FWA LTE where you are limited to move around since user has a very specific address.

This CPE B3368 looks also that it supports 5G:

I have seen huawei test 8x8 MIMO with its TUE.
TUE has external antenna.
5G NR.

But are you sure you have seen 8 layers working?

They reports 8 layer by tracing.

Would really like to see a trace like this.
I won’t believe it till will see with my own eyes.
Teoretically its is virtually impossibel to achieve 8 layers unless antennas are spread away on large distance…

And this doesn’t seem to be the case for cpr b3368:

Yes, I remember they placed 8 antenna in the top of car.

So you need 4 locations of antenna, each with +45 and -45, uncorrelated locations, to get 8 layers.

But hold on, this is not commercial environment.
It’s a major difference between antenna on top of the car and the image of the CPE above.

Only for testing.

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