Command to check resource limitation issues in eNodeB

Hi Experts,

I am getting so many random access error, RRC re-establishment and release issues while attaching 500+ UE’s.

May I know the command to check any resource limitation issues in eNodeB?

Vendor is Ericsson

Check this commands once,

get . lic

get . srusers

Can be increased to 512 or more as per requirement.

PUCCH resources are also a limiting factor for number of RRC users.

1.4 Mhz per 50 noofSrsusers is the ratio on Ericsson System.

For E-RAB setup failure cause, there are failure due to RRC connected user, PUCCH resource congestion counters.

I never see counter failure due to PUCCH congestion > 0.

Maybe due to CQI report interval can dynamic change as RRC user increased.

More user, longer report interval, reduce risk of PUCCH congestion.

Try to check if problem sector is an overshooter and has extensive large serving area trying to serve a lot of users at cell edge (with bad SNR and a lot of fails in UL direction)