CLI Commands cmedit (filters)


Who can help with CLI commands syntax for filtering more than one cell

for instance CellnameA, CellnameB, …CellnameD

EutranCellFDDid==CellnameA and CellnameD ??? Not all because for all it is EutranCellFDDid==Cellname* but I do not want all of them

In amos it s EutranCellFDD=.*[A,D], how it is in cmedit get or set

You can make a Collection list of all your Eutrancells calling “My_list”
In CLI you can give the commend:
cmedit export --collection My_list --filetype 3GPP -jn EXPORT_xxxxxx

Thank you
I wanted some kind of

cmedit set * eutrancellfdd.eutrancellid==*A,B,C atribute=value

In amos i can do it by EutranCellFDD=.*[A,D] but in cmedit dont know

And to save that list of cell (collection) somewhere?

The list is saved internally in the ENM. But you can recall it by the name you give.
You can list all the cells in the network explorer, and add them to you collect list.

And you use this list when you need to do the export.

I hope it is what you are looking for.