Cisco gets in on 5G action, including 5G private wireless

It’s getting interesting! :wink: (The race for 5G)

And just look at how quick large organisations, pivot and shift.
Looking into business value of Mobile Telecommunications, everyone is in to share the pie. Especially, with Huawei and ZTE not being in the competition in some region.

Combination of Cisco and Altio Star would be something hard to compete in ORAN space.
Let’s face it…
Cisco is already installed as backhaul in most Service Provider’s network. For them to trial Altio Star’s software based RAN traffic is just like adding salt to the fries.

Open RAN s the key factor in accelerating 5G implementation plus with edge computing. Cisco getting in plus with Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei as well.

Cisco was involved in helping T-Mobile establish its 5G standalone (SA) core, which T-Mobile announced in August 2020.