Changing allowedMeasBandwidth

Hello Experts,
Have any one changed “allowedMeasBandwidth”?
Did you notice any improvement?
I’m trying to change it to 100 for BW=20 and 75 for BW =15

I think its set based on the number of PRBs.

Now default of 6 for all.

But I think middle PRBs are the most significant.
I’m trying to cahnge it to 100 for BW=20 and 75 for BW =15–> This we set in base line in scripts, so cannot comment how it willl behave with value 6.

3GPP TS 36.331 - allowedMeasBandwidth:
The IE AllowedMeasBandwidth is used to indicate the maximum allowed measurement bandwidth on a carrier frequency as defined by the parameter Transmission Bandwidth Configuration “NRB” TS 36.104 [47]. The values mbw6, mbw15, mbw25, mbw50, mbw75, mbw100 indicate 6, 15, 25, 50, 75 and 100 resource blocks respectively.
If absent, the value corresponding to the downlink bandwidth indicated by the dl-Bandwidth included in MasterInformationBlock applies.

allowedMeasBandwidth tells to UE that for a configured carrierfreq use either 6, 15, 25, 50, 75 or 100 RBs while reading RS from PDSCH channel.
UE can use this IE to get the dl-Bandwidth without MIB.

To ensure the accuracy of signal measurements when the cell transmits CRSs only in the six RBs in the middle of the system bandwidth, you can enable the UE to measure only these RBs by this parameter.

This parameter is by default 6 RB in Huawei.
This parameter is optional; if it is not set, the downlink bandwidth of the serving cell is used by default.

Modifications on this parameter would affect cell reselection of the UE in idle mode