Change DCI format to improve CQI

Hi All,
Can we play with DCI format to improve CQI?
Any chance?
Or are PUCCH format and CQI parameters the option?
5G no idea not worked till now.
My CQI is 7.8 I want 8 (I have already improved from 6)

DCI format are scheduled from eNodeB end having lot many info for DL/UL grants, MIMO, HAR, ReTx.
So it depends on UE reported CQI only.

DCI can be played upon.
PUCCH format I know and I can play, but want to try some other now.

By PUCCH you can change only number of PRB used for CQI reporting, i.e. PUCCH dimensioning can be done, but it useful in case of UL congestion when no of users increase on site and you need to over dimension PUCCH channel to accommodate increase users CQI.
But for that as well now we have feature Auto PUCCH which will take care of increase users on site.
It will not improve your CQI reported value.