Cell Qualities in 5G

With the help here with my previous Q related to RSSI, RSCP in LTE. Now Im trying to understand the same for 5g.

Basically, in the code im trying to understand is as follows. Could some 5g phy experts help please ?

inline double C5gFrame::GetChannelTotalREs(CHANNEL_5G_TYPE eChannel, const int& numSSBbeams) const
const double dMeanNumSSBbeamsPerFrame = numSSBbeams * 1000 * GetFrameTime_s() / GetSSB_Periodicity_ms();
case CHANNEL_5G_SSS: return dMeanNumSSBbeamsPerFrame * 127;
case CHANNEL_5G_BCH: return dMeanNumSSBbeamsPerFrame * 576;
case CHANNEL_5G_CSIRS: ASSERT_ONCE(0); return 0; // Never specified in the tool
case CHANNEL_5G_PDCCH: return m_dTotalREsPDCCH;
case CHANNEL_5G_PDSCH: return max(0, GetTotalSubCarriers(DOWNLINK) * GetTotalFrameSymbols(DOWNLINK) - m_dTotalREsPDCCH - dMeanNumSSBbeamsPerFrame*960); // This includes the DMRS overhead !!!
case CHANNEL_5G_PUCCH: return m_dTotalREsPUCCH;
case CHANNEL_5G_PUSCH: return max(0, GetTotalSubCarriers(UPLINK) * GetTotalFrameSymbols(UPLINK) - m_dTotalREsPUCCH); // This includes the DMRS overhead !!!