Carrier aggregation secondary carrier barred

Hi, Experts!

I have CA_n8A-n79A. n79 - primary, n8 - secondary.
Can I disable registration at 800 (eg. Attach?). Do you know any mechanism? If I do cell barred n8, CA will be work?

You may achieve it by changing LTE PCC priority OR NSA PCC priority to desired EARFCN where you want to attach preferably.

Also SCG EARFCN priority may be set accordingly.

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Yes…, This is one of the mechanisms to make certain cells in the cell group to act only as secondary cells.

Ok, Thx. I checked this scheme, but CA work only within Cell state: “reserved”. Vendor: Ericsson.

Yes it should

Basically you want to only ise n8 as DL Scell?