Can we use csi-rs as reference signal for NR handover?

Hi Experts,
For NR handover as of now reference signal used is SSB on basis of RSRP.
Can we use csi-rs as well?
If we set CSI-RS does it mean UE will measure CSI-RS signal or CSI-RS beam to evaluate RSRP?

Yes both can be use for connected mobility.

csi-rs beams are not always enabled while csi-rs are always transmitted.

I find as of now no UE support csi-rs RSRP.
Any UE there?

Which IE you are looking after?
I will search in UE capabilities of some UEs that I have…

I’m looking as per definition of csi-rs RSRP is it possible for UE to measure csi re dedicated for csi-rs signal.

Sorry, I’m not aware for any IE there.

But what IE have you searched in UE capability when you say:

I read somewhere that UE measure only SSB related RE as of now only i.e. sss RE.
That’s why ask any live network using csi-rs rsrp for Measurement report.

Some months ago, I remember HW wrote UE not support csi-rs sinr measurement, not say csi rsrp.

NR still under evolution, very uncertain.

Nope, 3gpp standards are very clear we just need to find/locate the right answer.

Actually lot many changes/new features with Rel16 so need more efforts to read.