Can EPC initiated EPS bearer release impact TNL?

Dear Experts, I have a query:

There is VoLTE DCR impacting customer, as per given problem there is issue with ERAB releases due to insufficient transport resources TNL TRI Fails ERAB release.
But when getting it checked, it seems issue is with EPC initiated EPS bearer release.

Now the query is: can EPC initiated EPS bearer release impact TNL tru?

UE to MME QCI1 bearer will get lost in TNL fail establish in QCI1 dedicated bearer setup I beleive after prack msg.

Yes but this counter is very less as compared to EPC initiated.

Is it Ericsson EPC and Nokia eNodeB?

If MME is sending TAU reject messages can it impact increment in TNL tru ERAB release counter?

No, it don’t.

But changing TAC value to a nearby site is helping and counter value is getting zero.
If any explanation is there, will be quite helpful.

Actually TN fail accounts to unavailability of S1 link and TAU reject is something like procedure failure so ideally TAU reject should not account to TN fail.

S1 setup and response properly there for problematic TAC but during TAU and HO request counter was getting pegged with TAU rejections.