Can deactivation of counters affect Performance?

Hello Dear Huawei Experts,

Can you confirm that below counter can be deactivated and will not affect any feature?
Counters L.MeasRpts.RSRP.Index0 to 4

If we activate or deactivate the above counters, will it impact the performance?

No, it’s fine. They’re just for measurements.

What is the benefit of these counters?

They are just for measurements which will be used later to fine tune the performance and in some case optimisation.

Actually this is for MDT, mainly to improve the indoor performance.
MR is sent periodically.
I think Samsung was also using periodic MR stats for this… (?)

MDT can be collected in idle too.
But honestly how RSRP will help you?
You should better focus on RSRQ and SINR.

I think mainly for indoor coverage.
So is there will be any impact on activating this. What do you think?
I mean on network KPIs.

You can also detect indoor coverage if good or not by RACH success rate.
Yet you could still be missing lots of RACH Msg1 (that do not appear in KPIs) that could only be recorded and sent to network by MDT.
MDT will give location (lat, long) and all RF parameters like RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, etc depending if idle or connected mode.

No, not using.

Okay. So after activating this did you see any impact on KPIs.
As I remember, on activating this, the UE used to send MR every ~5 sec in RRC connected mode irrespective of A3/A5 event triggered.