Can anyone explain about PUCCH load optimization

Can anyone explain about PUCCH load optimization?

You Can activate Auto PUCCH

PUCCH carries UE feedback information for downlink such as, CQI, PMI, RI, ACK/NACK. The amount of data carried on PUCCH varies with the amount of Downlink transmissions/users you have in your cell, thus, higher load, more PRBs required for PUCCH.

Howerver, the amount of PRBs is limited, so, larger the PUCCH, smaller is the PUSCH, smaller is the UL Throughput,I

Conclusion: in general, PUCCH size is dynamically increased and reduced to always use the optimum value to allow all UEs to send Downlink feedback, but also to mitigate the impact on UL Throughput.