Calculate SS block frequency position based on GSCN

Hello Experts.

Can anyone explain how to calculate SS block frequency position based on GSCN?

I have found 2 equations for the same - the first one is SSREF = 3000 MHz + N * 1.44 MHz and the second one is SSREF = 2400 MHz + N * 1.44 MHz.

Does this equation have any relation with the Duplex mode used by the respective band?

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HI Elisa, I think the equation SSREF = 2400 MHz + N * 1.44 MHz is for Time domain duplex.

Note: The language of the video is Arabic, but it has English subtitles.


In this specific case, the 3 GHz threshold is applicable to FDD operating bands. The threshold is reduced to 2.4 GHz for TDD operating bands. ·This increases the number of TDD operating bands which can use 8 SS/PBCH Blocks.

Reference - 5G NR in Bullets.