Calculate average UE throughput in LTE cell include CA and non CA

Hello expert,
In vendor Ericsson, we have 2 formular to calculate average PDCP UE throughput:
(1) (pmpdcpvoldldrb - pmpdcpvoldldrblastTTI)/pmuethptimedl for UE non-CA and CA with just Vol in PCell (not include Scell Vol)
(2) (pmpdcpvoldldrbca - pmpdcpvoldldrblastTTICa)/pmuethptimedlca for UE have CA.
How we calculate average PDCP UE Throughput with combine non-CA and CA (plus VolDlDrb in Scell)

example: UE throughput (1) is 20 Mbps, UE throughput (2) CA: 50 Mpbs
how we calculate avge (1) and (2) to reflect the UE throughput in cell.