Boda: Issue in Ericsson Eutranfrequency MO

Hello @Emmanuel,

When we have an export with 3g and 4g at the same time , some MO are repeated like Eutranfreqrelation and Eutranfrequency
For Eutranfreqrelation your parser is duplicating the MO
-Eutranfreqrelation for 4g
-Eutranfreqrelation_utrancell for 3g
This is fine
But we have the same problem for Eutranfrequency MO. And the system is providind information about only 4g. For 3g this is information is not available but present in export. Con you duplicate the MO as you did for EUtranfreqrelation?


@Juan_J_Ortiz ths issue is windows is case insensitive so Eutranfrequency.csv and EUtranfreqrelation.csv are the same file.

It definitely makes sense to differentiate the 2 MOs in the files. Thanks for raising this issue.

We are going to change it accordingly.


Thanks a lot!!
It is expecting this result acordling to ericsson model:

4 different files at teh same time:

-Eutranfreqrelation.csv -> regarding 4g model
-Eutranfreqrelation_utrancell.csv -> regarding 3g model
-Eutranfrequency.csv -> regarding 4G model
-Eutranfrequency_RNC.csv -> regarding 3g model

I hope this can helps you !


It is very helpful. Thanks.